im looking for a visual arts high school but idk what they do there can i learn music?


can someone help my im only 13 and i wanna know how to get in to visual arts school and what its about ?




Well. There’s BRIT school, its free. and its a famous school for preforming and visual arts. But its in the UK. It starts in year 10 (9th Grade). I know of loads of schools in the UK for what your looking for, but i have a feeling you live in the US. Sorry i can’t help if you do . :)


first question is, where are you from??

i use to live in nyc about a year ago
and i went to an art high school
its called art and design
theres a bunch more to
but only a few that are good
the rest are a bit ghetto and have gangs, but all hs do
laguardia is a great school but very hard to get into

look it up on google and you will find millions, good luck! email me if u have any questions :D

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