Are visual arts magnet schools for people who wish to learn or who already posses the talent?


My goal is to become either and Interior/Spatial designer o an Exhibition designer when I grow up. I want to learn about visual arts, but Ive never had any training in visual arts other than elementary school art class. Can I and should I apply for a Visual and Performing Arts magnet school to learn about the subject, but without previous training or special talents?




Manet schools are set up to learn – all you have to do is show interest. However It does help if you have some artistic talent.


it really depends on the school, but most require some sort of Portfolio. most are set up so that you start from basics, that makes sure that all students know what they are doing. that pretty much takes up the first year.

i’d agree with the other person who answered, you just have to show interest, and talent doesn’t hurt. I think that going to a school with the programs you want not only will give you the skills and information you need to succeed, but also a diploma that will let you go places you couldn’t go without one.


When my daughter went to a magnet school It was just beginning in our area and she was invited. The sent a van around to pick the kids up!
When my grandson went he had to submit a portfolio and teacher recommendations. It did not hurt at all that My husband was teaching in the school of visual arts at the local university. The teachers were his former students.
So teacher recommendations and or portfolio seem to me the way to go.

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