How competitive is the visual arts department at LACHSA?

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I applied to LACHSA for visual arts this month, and I know that it’s extremely competitive to get into this amazing school (especially for theatre and music). But just how competitive is the visual arts department?

The school website doesn’t say much about it so……


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Rin Souma

Although I am not a student a LACHSA, to start off with- I am in 7th grade, and will be auditioning under classical piano next year. A couple family friends are current students and graduates of this school. 3 of them are currently attending the school under visual arts. Visual arts is a very competitive field to get into, as are all the departments. However, this is, in our opinion the least competitive department to get into. Though many people apply because they think they have skill in art, there are so many skilled artists who want to take it to the top- the people who think they have skill in art find out that they can draw, then apply to LACHSA because they think they ‘might’ get in. They have no concern what so ever to get in or not. You clearly do not fall into that category.

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